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State of Vermont at National Life

State of Vermont

As part of a state-wide modernization effort, FFF worked with the State of Vermont to relocate over 1,050 employees scattered across the state onto a single office complex in Montpelier.

Spread across nine floors and three buildings on the National Life campus, the gut renovation project created entirely new office environments for multiple agencies and departments. In addition to renovating traditional office space, the team also converted a former records building to office use by adding windows and removing loading docks.

The new workspaces incorporate the latest thinking in office design with an emphasis on flexibility and teamwork. The open office design includes clustered workstations that increase natural lighting, improve air quality, reduce energy use, and significantly lower square-foot requirements per worker. Meeting rooms of various sizes provide privacy when needed and encourage collaboration between team members.

Space planning standards developed for this project have since been adapted state-wide for all future office workplace projects for the State of Vermont.


OWNER: State of Vermont
LOCATION: Montpelier, VT
SIZE: 153,000 sf


Following LEED 2009-EB fit-up standards

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