Sana at Stowe

Bullrock Corporation

Sana at Stowe is a world-class residential treatment center for people suffering from substance use disorders. Located at the foot of Mount Mansfield, the facility was designed in collaboration with a leading addiction psychiatrist to provide a safe and comforting environment for those in early recovery.

Creating this rural oasis involved a gut renovation of an aging motel to meet the needs of therapists and patients. The facility includes private bedrooms, a commercial kitchen and dining room, a wellness studio, two executive workspaces, and multiple rooms for individual and group therapy.

The serene, home-like setting promotes healing in all its forms with an abundance of natural materials, human-scaled spaces, and local artwork. Sana guests also benefit from a direct connection to nature with organic gardens, an outdoor pool, and a large landscaped patio area.


OWNER: Bullrock Corporation
SIZE: 13,500 SF

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