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Proctor Student Center

Middlebury College

Freeman French Freeman worked with Middlebury College students and staff to thoroughly modernize this aging student center while keeping much of its historic character and charm.

The students strongly expressed a desire to keep the interiors comfortable, “non-glitzy,” and “relaxed retro,” which differs from the college’s other high-tech centers. FFF responded with a warm palette of interior finishes that focus on local stone and wood.

The center’s kitchen, servery, and dining hall were completely redesigned to improve service and workflow. The campus bookstore was tripled in size and serves as an important profit center for the college.

Other upgraded areas included a new President’s Dining Room, a large student dining area, a radio station, and a campus programmable space. The “Woodstove Lounge” has proven to be a favorite hang-out spot for students.


OWNER: Middlebury College
LOCATION: Burlington, VT
SIZE: 44,000 SF Renovation

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