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Kinney Drugs

Kinney Drugs

Regional chain Kinney Drugs selected Freeman French Freeman to design its first Burlington pharmacy. In order to meet the City‘s strict design guidelines, the Burlington store is unique to Kinney’s corporate signature. Management affectionately called it their “Number 10” and were part of the design process through to completion.

The design process envisioned composing the forms, retail storefront strategies, and functional entry inherent in Kinney’s prototype design with the materials and building elements of the inner city. The store provides drive-up pharmaceutical dispensing, accommodations for pedestrian and bicycle access, selectively organized exterior lighting, signage, services, and storm water retention.

The owners were so pleased with the Burlington store that they hired FFF to design a second retail location, based on the “Number 10” design, in Shelburne. The chain has since built several other stores based on our original design.


OWNER: Kinney Drugs
COMPLETED: 2008, 2012
LOCATION: Burlington & Shelburne, VT
SIZE: 11,000 SF each

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