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Inpatient Psychiatric Unit

UVM Medical Center

As Associate Architect with Tsoi-Kobus of Boston, MA, FFF designed this complex, four-story addition to connect the new inpatient psychiatry facility to existing floors at the UVM Medical Center. Half of the 28-bed unit is a renovation of the 1941 Shepardson wing, and the other half is a courtyard infill that abuts existing structures.

The two wings (one open and one secure) are designed to be safe and durable while offering a comfortable and home-like setting. The spaces provide accessibility and offer patients opportunities to socialize. The project includes several large, open activity spaces and lounges, and a team station gives patients better access to staff. The secure unit has a secure balcony with views of Mt. Mansfield, and a dedicated outdoor space allows patients to participate in outdoor activities in a private setting.


OWNER: UVM Medical Center
LOCATION: Burlington, VT
SIZE: 45,000 SF

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