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Vermont Technical College

Freeman French Freeman

Conceptual Project

The Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center is widely praised for its unique combination of classroom instruction and hands-on learning.

We believe that the campus’ bucolic setting, accessible location, and focus on the environment are key assets that VTC can build upon as it plans for the future.

The vision presented here represents a bold path forward for VTC. Our long-term vision includes necessary capital investments as well as the repurposing of several structures for public and private uses.

By bringing more community partners to campus, the opportunities for students, businesses, and area residents will organically grow, making VTC an educational powerhouse and economic engine for all of Vermont.

This project is one of several conceptual projects designed by the architects at Freeman French Freeman during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Our hope is that the creative visions presented here serve as inspiration for anyone looking to make their own community a better place.


OWNER: Freeman French Freeman
LOCATION: Randolph Center, VT

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