Imagine This: Memorial Gateway Center | Commercial, Health Care, Housing, Recreation & Community, Sustainability

Memorial Gateway Center

Freeman French Freeman

Conceptual Project

Burlington’s Memorial Auditorium has been a beloved gathering place for generations of Vermonters, but years of wear and tear have left the historic structure unsafe and unusable.

As one of Burlington’s most prominent historic buildings, we believe the community must come together to restore and repurpose Memorial Auditorium for future generations.

We imagine a revitalized Memorial Auditorium as a mixed-use, community-focused center. The conceptual project presented here includes a multi-generational residential facility, a two-story “Burlington Ballroom” for public events, a below-ground therapy and splash pool, and a rooftop deck that takes advantage of breathtaking lake views.

This project is one of several conceptual projects designed by the architects at Freeman French Freeman during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Our hope is that the creative visions presented here serve as inspiration for anyone looking to make their own community a better place.


OWNER: Freeman French Freeman
LOCATION: Burlington, VT

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