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I-89 Pedestrian Bridge

Freeman French Freeman

Conceptual Project

Interstate 89 cuts through Burlington and South Burlington, leaving pedestrians and bicyclists with few safe options for daily travel.

In response, public officials and community advocates have proposed to “bridge the gap” with an elevated walkway designed exclusively for people-powered transportation.

A recently completed study by the City of South Burlington calls for a new overpass just south of the existing crossing at Williston Road. But what form the new connector should take remains unknown.

To help solve this puzzle, architects at Freeman French Freeman developed several concepts to spark conversations and show the public what could be. Which would you choose?

This project is one of several conceptual projects designed by the architects at Freeman French Freeman during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Our hope is that the creative visions presented here serve as inspiration for anyone looking to make their own community a better place.


OWNER: Freeman French Freeman
LOCATION: South Burlington

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